Trip to Klaipėda and Curonian Split (from Kaunas)

Klaipeda is the 3rd biggest city in Lithuania, an important port and Lithuania’s only gateway to the

Baltic Sea. The city has a long history starting as a fishing village of ancient Balts and experiencing the arrival of German Crusaders in the 13th century. The Crusaders built their castle there in 1252 and formed the city, in former times known as Memel. During the city tour you will see the old Castle territory and the Old Town with the fascinating merchants warehouses in the typical German style with “fachwerk” (half timbered) decorations.  One-day tour to the oldest Lithuanian port city – Klaipėda. Moreover, you will visit unique and picturesque Curonian Split – a cultural landscape reserve that was recognised as UNESCO World heritage in 2000. Here you will learn about the times of Teutonic knights’ occupation  of the and the Duchy of Prussia, whose part Curonian Split became later on. Finally, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking panoramas of Curonian Sea, the dunes, Baltic Sea and numerous nature reserves and traditional resort villages.