The educational programs

Educational program “braided wicker”
Wickerwork considered one of the oldest crafts known to us. One of the

most attractive features of this craft –

easily learnt skills can be used to make products for a daily basis. Wide variety of products ranges from house or garden furniture to baskets of hot air-balloons. Most often, wicker weave – is used to create pallets, crates, boxes, vases, flower baskets, and also at our center, weaved jars of honey are used as packing containers. This is not only a fun activity, but also a great opportunity to learn braiding independently and engage in this business, all that can be learned in an educational lesson. The program is designed for
different age groups. Duration of the session is 2 hours.

Educational program “pottery”
Clay works: organized working with white and red clay. These sessions encourage spatial thinking, highly educated and trained hands motility mold, using a variety of techniques and methods. Clay products are usually: various vases, censers, pencils, bees, pots for flowers. We also produce medals for special occasions, novelty rings, souvenirs of clay with Trakai symbolism and other. This educational session offers an access to one of the oldest crafts known to mankind – pottery. Once familiarized with the tools, a person himself can knead, shape and mold a delightful souvenir. Duration of this session takes 2 hours. The program is usually designed for children.

Educational program “Natural beeswax candle manufacturing”
Employment center for people with disabilities in Trakai not only supervises organic apiary, but also maintains a natural beeswax candle production. While the candle in ancient times was an indispensable source of light, this craft engaged a few. It is known that the wax candles in ancient times were used for special occasions, such as: a birth of a child, marriage or death (since the wax candle flame escorted eternity), however, this was always perceived more as a hobby than a business. In other words, even though candle foundry was little, but natural candles were always in high demand and value. Therefore, this session offers to learn the art of natural candle making. And it also smells wonderful too! The program is designed for different age groups. Duration of 1.5 hours. For additional payment you can try natural honey and herbal tea – educational program not only teaches a lot of useful information about bees and their lives but also includes honey tasting.