Soviet Style

1 day.
Transfer by Volga 21. The private tour revisits the time of the Red Army occupation when Vilnius was the capital of Soviet Republic of Lithuania. Visit monuments of Soviet architecture including the Supreme Council of the Soviet Republic of Lithuania, the KGB Prison, and the Palace of the Central Committee of the Lithuanian Communist Party. Lunch time. After going to Underground Museum of Socialism to join theatrical drama “1984 Survival Drama” and become a citizen of a totalitarian state. During the Survival drama you will be met by guards with dogs. Having waved goodbye to your belongings, currency, cameras and mobile phones, you will put on a Soviet threadbare coat and dive into the life of a USSR citizen, full of tension and social peculiarities. You’ll be taken to the maze, watch TV shows and shops of 1984, be interrogated in a KGB office, learn the anthem of the USSR and get used to wearing a gas mask You’ll dance to the music of those times and will eat a Soviet dinner yourself. Before leaving the bunker you will receive a special certificate and an authentic present from the Soviet times. After we will drive to the beautiful natural place, recreation complex located on the coast of lake Margis. Relax and overnight at the calm hotel.

2 day.
Breakfast. For your choise : very attractive tank driving or boat ride along Trakai lake Galve with snacks and drinks served on board. Lunch in Trakai with traditional
Karaimes dish tasting. After the entertainment we will go to Druskininkai ant visit the “Grūtas” Park. Exposition of naked Soviet ideology … Lenin, Stalin monuments.
Fragments of the camps and other unique authentic exhibits 20 acres of land. Here is a live documentary telling how sophisticated military, political, ideological, artistic
and other measures have been carried out Soviet policy. The cafe located in the same park territory, will offer non-traditional, “soviet-time “ menu, especially beloved
by visitors sprat “Po ruski” ,cutlet “Praščaj molodostj”,” Borsch soup”, also you can try “vodka”.Relaxing time in Druskininkai – a year-round international resort offering
mineral bath, mud and climate therapies. Overnight in Hotel.

3 day.
Transfer to Vilnius