Cycling in Vilnius

DISTANCE…………………………..24 km
DURATION………………………….1 day
SURFACE…………………………….asphalted roads

Vilnius is famous not only for its Old Town protected on the UNESCO Heritage List but also as a very green city. It can be called every cyclist’s dream! Start the route from the heart of Vilnius – Cathedral Square. Visit the Archcathedral Basilica in it charming visitors with its whiteness. The square offers the view of Gediminas Hill together with the Higher Castle Tower, erected in the 15th century, you can also see the Hill of Three Crosses. Climb both of them and admire the scenic

views of the Old Town of Vilnius. From the Cathedral Square the route will lead you through Pilies Street, which is the oldest and the most beautiful street of the city. Going up, Pilies street widens and turns into Didžioji Street, at the end of which you will face another square with the white building of the Town Hall of Vilnius. Turn right into Vokiečių Street. When you cross Traku Street, the route leads you to Vilniaus Street, and this takes you to Gediminas Avenue, which is now the main street of modern Vilnius. When you reach Gediminas Avenue – turn right and in just a minute you will come back to the starting place near the Cathedral Square. If you cross the river Neris by cycling the Mindaugas Bridge, you will reach a section of the European cycling route (“EuroVelo 11”). Its length is 14 km. Cycling the route you will forget that you are actually in a city – the surroundings are particularly green and calm. Throughout the whole route you will be riding along the Neris river on your right. There is an asphalted 5 km cycling route from the Santariškės traffic circle that stretches along the left side of Žaliųjų Ežerų Street, via Verkių forest until the crossing with Gulbinėlių Street. The route continues with the so-called Route of Pink Bicycles (Lith. Rožinių dviračių trasa) which consists of roads with a surface of special gravel. On your way you will see the architectural complex of the Verkiai Palace. It is over 200 years old. In the past it used to be a pagan shrine. Past the palace, on the scar of a hill there is an observation platform, opening up stunning views of the river Neris’ valleys. Cycling from the Verkiai Palace on forest roads you will reach the Geomorphological reserve of Ežerėliai. Having ascended on the hill, you will see Lake Alsas. Going further along the forest you will descend to Gulbinų Street which leads to Lake Balsys. The trail  further runs through a linden tree wood and brings you to Lake Balsys. There are plenty of swimming places, so on a hot day you can relax and refresh in the emerald-green